Wheatley Women's Institute 
Walking Group

An enthusiastic group ranging between six to ten members meets monthly to ramble around our local area. We have a laugh while we enjoy the lovely area around us.

All walks are fairly easy and last 1-1.5 hours. Some may be subject to the weather and changed accordingly.

We would welcome any suggestions for local walks or any that can be easily accessed by bus.

Stephanie Brooklyn 01865 872710
Yvette Bowden 01865 873277
Christine Jackson 01865 873246

​Please let Stephanie have your email address so that you can be informed of any last minute changes

​Some of our members enjoying the bluebells at Shotover.
Future walks

Friday 20th July 2018- Tiddington to Ickford Bridge, meet on the 9.35am bus to Tiddington

Thursday 20th September 2018- Sandhills to Forest Hill, meet on the 9.38am bus to Sandhills

Friday 19th October 2018- Holton Woods Circular Walk, meet 10am at Morland House Surgery

Thursday 22nd November 2018- St.Clements to Bury Knowle, meet on the 9.38am bus to St. Clements

Hartwell House to Stone- June 2018

Our planned walk to Ickford Bridge had to be cancelled as the weather was much too hot to walk where there was not much shade. Therefore, on a very warm morning five members of the walking group set off to walk across Westfield and round Shotover.  This walk is very familiar to all of us but it turned out to be very pleasant as there was plenty of shade.
At the end of the walk we went for a refreshing drink in The Sun café, sitting in the garden under a large umbrella – the perfect way to end the morning.

Hartwell House to Stone- June 2018

It was a lovely sunny morning as we left Wheatley for our June walk.  We took the bus to The Bugle Horn bus stop in Stone and made our way along a country road towards Lower Hartwell.  We crossed a very ornate bridge which obviously belonged to the Hartwell House estate and passed a spring which was just as ornate.  The spring was set in a stone alcove with Greek lettering above it, which needless to say, none of us understood.
We left the road and followed the footpath across three fields before emerging back on the main road in Thame.  
As there was nowhere nearby for a coffee we caught the bus back to Haddenham and stopped at Bradmore Farm for our refreshment.

Risinghurst to Wheatley via Shotover- May 2018

On a glorious morning eleven members met at Risinghurst for our May walk. After walking through the housing estate we stopped outside The Kilns, which was the home of C.S. Lewis, author of the “Chronicles of Narnia”.   This is where we had our first photo shoot.    We then made our way into the nature reserve.   It was very peaceful, despite a group of school children on a nature study outing.   This was to our advantage however as one of the teachers was “volunteered” to take our second photograph. After an easy climb, and a few stops to admire the lovely views, we exited the reserve on Old Road. We then walked over Shotover and down the hill to  Wheatley where a few of us stopped for a coffee in The Sun. 

Waterstock to Waterperry- April 2018

On a beautiful warm, sunny day nine members caught the bus to Chilworth School to begin our walk to Waterperry. The first part of the walk was a repeat of last month’s walk, taking us alongside the golf course and then on the road towards Waterstock. Just before Waterstock village we took a left turn and followed the track to Waterstock Mill.  We passed alongside this beautiful house and then continued along the path stopping for a photograph on Bow Bridge.
At Waterperry Gardens we sat outside the café enjoying the sunshine and a welcome cup of coffee.  After some considerable time we all made our way to the lovely old Church and spent some time looking round this beautiful historic building. We had a quick stop at the newly opened farm shop, some of us buying lunch, before making our way back along the path to catch the bus to Wheatley.

Waterstock to Tiddington- March 2018

Nine members of the walking group set of on the bus for a walk from Waterstock to Tiddington.  This was a changed route as the original walk was deemed too wet and muddy.

We took the bus as far as Chilworth School and then followed a track which took us alongside the golf club before emerging on to the Waterstock road, which fortunately is very quiet without much traffic.  We stopped in the village to have a look around the lovely old Church before continuing our walk through the village.  We stopped for our photograph in front of a lovely picture postcard cottage before continuing to the Ickford road along which we walked to Tiddington.   Unfortunately the Fox and Goat was closed so we decided to catch the bus back to Wheatley and have our coffee in The Sun café.  We were made very welcome and enjoyed coffee and warm cheese scones.

Thames towpath & Christchurch meadow- February 2018

On a lovely sunny, but very cold morning, seven members of the walking group caught the bus to Oxford Station.

We joined the towpath at the far end of Osney Island.  We passed the Osney Lock Hydro, which is the first community owned hydro scheme to be built on the Thames. The hydro generates clean green electricity and provides a sustainable income for further environmental projects.  There were snowdrops out in flower and daffodils and bluebells poking up through the grass.  In a few weeks the daffodils will be out, followed by the bluebells and everywhere will look really pretty.  We followed the footpath to Grandpont and after crossing the Abingdon Road walked along the river through Christchurch Meadow.
We then followed the bank of the River Cherwell before emerging back on the High Street.

After a warming cup of coffee in Queen Lane Coffee House we caught the bus back to Wheatley.  

Wheatley & Littleworth- January 2018

After a wet, stormy night eleven members of the walking group set off for a walk around Littleworth.  We were accompanied by two four legged friends, Rosie and Bodger.
We met at the New Club and then made our way up Old Road to the alley leading to Keydale Road.  We then followed the path past Littleworth allotments exiting on the main road through the village.  After crossing the road we made our way up the track behind the industrial area.   A bit of a climb but worth it for the lovely views and this is where we had our compulsory photo shoot.  The track finally emerges on to Windmill Lane so it is then a gentle stroll back to Wheatley.  

The walk was followed by coffee in the cosy surrounding of “The Sun” café.

Thame- Haddenham- November 2017

On a beautiful crisp, sunny morning nine members of our walking group boarded the bus for a walk from Thame to Haddenham.  The bus failed to stop at our requested site so we had to walk back to our arranged starting point. After this minor setback we walked down Moorend and after crossing the busy ring road progressed down the track, once again passing the aggregate works and the sewage farm before turning off towards Haddenham. We crossed two fields and couldn’t resist stopping to admire the view.  The autumn colours were at their best in the sunshine and it was so quiet and peaceful.  We then followed the route past Scotsgrove Mill and along a track that eventually brought us to Station Road.  We walked along the edge of a field running parallel to the road before passing through a kissing gate onto the pavement.  After crossing the railway bridge we followed the road to the centre of Haddenham where we were welcomed by the very friendly staff at “Tickety Brew” who had reserved a table for us.   After a very welcome cup of coffee we caught the bus back to Wheatley.

Holton Woods- October 2017

On a rather murky morning six members of the walking group set of for a walk to Holton Woods.  This is the walk we did in March 2016 but this time the trees were looking lovely as they were beginning to show their autumn colours, admittedly they would have looked a lot nicer if the sun had been shining.  
Despite a rather muddy start we all enjoyed our walk.  On our return we decided to avoid the muddy field, instead we walked around the edge and took to the road in Holton village. As we were passing Julia’s house she invited us in for a welcome cup of coffee.  By this time the weather had improved and was quite warm so we were able to sit outside and admire her pretty garden.

Jericho- September 2017

Eleven members met outside Oxford Town Hall for our September walk.  Unfortunately, due to disruption at Folly Bridge and the towpath, it was not possible to do the arranged walk to Iffley Lock.  Instead Christine led a walk that took us round the streets of Jericho, along a short stretch of the canal and back along Walton Street.  She had kindly researched the area and gave us a potted history of Jericho and some of the more interesting buildings.
Our coffee stop was at  The Wine Bar in Little Clarendon Street.
Our photographs this month were taken in Wellington Square and on the canal towpath.

Dinton Circular walk- July 2017

We boarded the 280 bus to Dinton village near Aylesbury. It was a rather cloudy morning but ideal for walking. After alighting from the bus at Dinton Castle we made our way down the road towards Dinton primary school. Our walk began opposite the school, the first section being part of the Wychert Way. We made our way through fields of sheep stopping for a photo call where a lovely Chestnut horse decided to join us. We crossed Upton Road into another field, this time occupied by three very friendly horses.  After crossing the last of eight stiles we eventually ended up on the other side of Dinton. 
We made our way through the very picturesque village eventually arriving at the Seven Stars where we sat outside with a very welcome cup of coffee before catching the bus back to Wheatley.  Luckily the rain held off and we all agreed it had been a very pleasant morning.

Thame- a walk to the border- June 2017

After the blistering heat of the previous few days the weather was perfect for walking as nine of our members set out for our monthly walk.

Our walk began in Thame, the first ten minutes taking us through a housing estate and across the bypass.  The first part of the track led us past the aggregate site and the sewage works (a bit smelly!) but we were soon in the fresh air of the countryside.

Poppies and other wild flowers lined the track which skirted fields of cereal crops with beautiful views of the Chiltern Hills.  We followed the trail over a stream and through a wood before it led us over the ridge to Thame Rugby Club, then back through the houses to Thame town centre.

The morning ended with coffee in “Jack & Alice’s” tea room in Thame.

Westfield & Shotover- May 2017

We met outside the Lock-up at 10.00am and walked from there onto Westfield. This Month we had Holly the dog to keep us company! The morning was chilly but we soon warmed up! Everything looked very pretty and lush after all the rain. We walked past the Lake then onto Shotover. We were hoping the bluebells would still be looking fresh down the Avenue, but sadly, they looked faded and were going over. As we began our walk down Old Road we heard a Cuckoo in the distance which was lovely to hear. When we arrived back in Wheatley we said goodbye to some of the ladies and four of us went for a welcoming hot drink at Ochres Coffee House in the High Street.

Tiddington to Albury & Fernhill Wood- April 2017

This walk began in Tiddington from where we made our way over the fields to the lovely village of Albury.  Sadly the lovely little Church was locked but we spent a little while admiring the beautiful views which were enhanced by the spectacular amount of blossom on the trees.  We had our group photographs taken in these lovely surroundings.
After leaving the Church we made our way past the old vicarage and, after crossing two fields, entered Fernhill Woods.  The woods were a picture, carpeted with bluebells and very peaceful.  After exiting the woods we crossed one more field and were back in Tiddington.
A very pleasant walk was followed by a welcome cup of coffee in the Fox & Goat.

Daffodil Walk, Marston- University Parks- March 2017

On a bright but chilly morning fourteen members set off to see the daffodils in University Parks. 

We began our walk along Pullens Lane, turning left along a footpath which brought us out on to the Marsden Road.  After crossing the road we proceeded along Kings Mill Lane and then followed the river to the parks.  Everywhere was looking really pretty with all the spring flowers but the daffodils we had been hoping to see were not at their best.  Some were still in bud, others had already bloomed.  Those that were in flower looked lovely but it was not the display we had been hoping for. However, this did not distract from our enjoyment and everyone agreed it had been a most enjoyable walk. We ended the morning with a welcome cup of coffee in the Weston Library.

The Phoenix Trail- Thame to Towersey- February 2017

The previous day “Storm Doris” had raged over the country but fortunately for us the weather had settled down and was perfect for walking. Eight members set of from Thame to walk along the Phoenix Trail to Towersey on a lovely sunny morning.

It was easy walking as the trail is tarmacked and there was plenty to see on the route. Noticeably wooden sculptures which reflect the trail's railway heritage as it was once part of the Oxford to Princess Risborough line. These sculptures won the 2002 "Arts, Business & Community" Award from Arts & Business, and the trail also holds a Certificate of Distinction as a European Greenway from the European Commission. There are 30 sculptures in total along the route.  However, we were only walking the first two miles.

Our group photograph was taken on one of the sculptures by a very obliging lady who was there with her young son.  The child, who insisted his name was Mr. Nobody, had ridden his bicycle to Towersey play parkand he, and his mother, were now on the return journey.

We arrived in Towersey about 11.00 am. with just ten minutes to wait for a bus back to Thame where we enjoyed a cup of coffee and a cake in Cornfield’s bakery.

University Parks- January 2017

On a very cold, but beautiful, winter’s morning twelve members, all well wrapped up, set of for the walk around University Parks in Oxford. Our walk from Queens Lane to the parks took us along the passageway to the Turf Tavern, reputed to be the oldest pub in Oxford. After stopping to read the history of the pub and the list of celebrities who have visited it we made our way to the park’s entrance.

The park looked really beautiful. The sun was shining which reflected the frost still clinging to the branches of the trees and covering the grass and bushes.  The pond was frozen over and we paused to watch a swan forcing his way through the ice. When he reached the far side he swam back using the route he had just created.  Why? We have no idea but he was really determined. 

After completing our circuit of the park we headed back towards Queens Lane where we went into the Queen’s Lane Coffee House for a welcoming cup of hot chocolate or coffee before catching the bus back to Wheatley.

Folly Bridge to Hythe Bridge Street (River Walk)- November 2016

On a lovely sunny autumn morning we met at Oxford Town Hall for our walk along the Thames.   We descended the steps behind the old toll house to access the riverside path, following the tarmac path along the river bank, passing under the railway bridge.
We did not follow the mill stream but instead went over a bridge and followed the path which took us behind the ice rink.  We went past the Osney Marina where a friendly van driver gave us a few interesting facts about the area. This path brought us out on to the Oxpens Road.  We headed back along the road towards the city centre for a short while before turning left past Oxford & Cherwell Valley College and behind the building site for the new shopping centre before emerging on to Park End Street.

Although it was a lovely morning we were all beginning to feel cold by this time so it was unanimously decided to head to The Old Jam Factory for a warming cup of coffee or hot chocolate. 

This was a very interesting walk with many of us seeing parts of Oxford that we had not seen before.

Holton Woods- October 2016

On a very autumnal morning six members met for a walk to Holton Woods.  

We walked through Holton village towards Pond Farm, crossed two fields before getting to the woods.  We walked alongside the edge of the woods before reaching a gate across the track.  After staying a while to admire the view we retraced our steps as far as the village.
We were kindly invited to have coffee with Julia Slade, an invitation which three of us were able to accept, two other walkers deciding to return home via the road. By this time the morning was considerably warmer and we were able to enjoy our coffee in Julia’s garden. Afterwards we took the shorter route across the field back to the Holton/Wheatley road.

Holton Mill- September 2016

We met at Morland House for our walk to Holton Mill.  The weather was glorious, just right for walking.  The sun was shining and we set of in good spirits.
We made our way through the lovely parkland of the Brookes Campus.  After crossing the Waterperry Road we followed the route around the edge of a field and then crossed a small wooden bridge to take the footpath behind what we think was once Holton Mill but has now become a private residence.  The owner is a friend of Christine’s and was spotted working in his yard so was soon persuaded to be this month’s photographer.   After the photograph and a few minutes chatting we made our way across the last field and then returned over the same field but by a track marked out diagonally across it, eventually ending up in the field opposite Brookes.  Some of us then took the quick route back to Wheatley while others went back through Brookes Campus.  We all agreed we had a very enjoyable walk despite having to climb over six stiles.   There was no coffee stop this morning as everyone had other commitments

Windmill Lane, Sandy Lane, Shotover- July 2016

On a lovely warm sunny day we set off for our walk to Shotover via Ladder Hill, Windmill Lane, Gidley Way, Sandy Lane and then across to Old Road on Shotover.

There were only seven people on the walk, maybe the warm weather and holidays were some of the reasons there weren’t so many of us.  Also maybe having to climb Ladder Hill and Windmill Lane was a deterrent.  We were so busy chatting we didn’t really notice the hills, only having to stop once on the way for a breather.  Once we were past the windmill we were on level ground and before we knew where we were we were on Shotover and making our way down the hill back towards Wheatley.   

Most of us then sat outside Ochre Café enjoying the sunshine and a welcome cup of coffee.

Thame to Moreton- June 2016

Our walk from Thame to Moreton was pleasantly rain free, though everyone came prepared just in case. Due to all the recent rain it was nice to see so much greenery.

Cuddesdon- May 2016

A walk from Wheatley to Cuddesdon was organised via the Farm by Jackie's Lane. Thankfully the weather held out and a well earned refreshment break was had at the Bat & Ball in Cuddesdon.