Wheatley Women's Institute 

 ​​​The Craft Club meets fortnightly, alternating evenings (7.15pm-9.15pm) and afternoons (2pm-4pm), to bring together members who have a love for, or interest in anything to do with craft, and enjoy sharing a sociable few hours together. We also organise outings to exhibitions, craft shops, and any other events or locations which are of creative interest.

We work on joint or individual projects, with a focus on swapping skills.
New members are always welcome.

If you are interested please make contact via our contact us page

Next session
Centenary Wall Hanging

Future sessions include:
Rock painting, bookmarks, lino printing, wreaths, felt ornaments, pop-up cards, glass fusing, hand towel with a crochet top.

June, & July 2018

With Wheatley WI's centenary in October 2019 the craft club are busy planning a wall hanging to mark the event. Initial plans have been made for a modern hanging depicting our WI in 2019. Plans are for it to be made using modern techniques and for it to be bright and colourful. The next few session are being dedicated to it so that a detail plan can be presented to the members at a main WI meeting. 

This will be an exciting project which will be proudly on display in The Merry Bells along side the other WI wall hanging already in place.

Mosaic- April 2018

Mosaic was the craft we were all most looking forward to doing and it didn't disappoint. Using wooden heart blanks sourced from The Works fo £1 and tile grout from Poundland we then chose our own embellishments which included buttons, shells, saucers and mugs. Crockery was smashed up and tile cutters used to refine ceramic pieces.

It was a really enjoyable evening having also been joined by a new WI member. As we had sourced some extra materials we will be making some more for our up coming Summer Fayre so do come along if you fancy buying any.

Group Patchwork Tablecloth

As part of our tablecloth presented in May 2016 we wanted to ensure all the WI members who helped to make the piece had their name attached to the back. We all took it in turns to embroid our names onto the fabric, and then one of our members did a fantastic job at embroidering the Fritillary flowers. This finishing touch really gives the piece a special element, even though it won't be seen.
Now time to think of the next group project.....

Egg painting- March 2018

Our scheduled March meeting was egg painting in time for Easter. We had sourced some wooden eggs to paint, and used arcylic paints as the main decoration. Most members used brushes to apply the paint, however some other members decided to also use sticker embellishments while another used the paints to create a marbel effect. It was a great first experience for us all.
We also used the session to discuss the future projects including what we should do for our Centenary, watch this space!

Polymer Clay & papercraft- March 2018

Due to the snow we had to cancel our February meeting, so we squeezed an additional one into March to ensure we could do polymer clay and papercraft. 
Members had the option of making polymer clay cupcakes or wreaths. After some hard work to soften the polymer clay we all set about the construction of the pieces under the watchful eye of our tutor. While the pieces were placed in the oven for 30 minutes members then prepared their cards using various papers and embellishments. Finally once the polymer clay pieces were cool enough they were then stuck on to the cards to create our own handmade cards, to give as gifts or just to keep for ourselves.

Craft club meal- January 2018

After members dropping out due to holiday & sickness only five members went out for our group meal to Acropolis in Headington. Even though there was only five of us we still had a great time, enjoying some great food & drink along with great company. Discussions included what we are planning for the next WI year for craft club, so watch this space.....

Christmas Floral Decoration- November 2017

We had a very enjoyable evening making Christmas Pomanders. The project involved base balls which then had layers of folage pinned in place. This is such a handy skill to learn at this time of year, in time to make Christmas decorations.

Preserve jar decorations- October 2017

There was a slight change in the Craft Club calendar to help ensure that the preserves being made for the Wheatley Christmas Fair were decorated with lovely christmas materials. 8 members supplied all the materials and set about being creative to produce some lovely looking jars. Inbetween tea, coffee and biscuits members were challenged to decorate over 60 jars. Not only do we have a great selection of preserves for sale, but they also look the part, for the Christmas Fair being held from 4pm-8pm on Friday 1st December 2017 outside the shops on the High Street. 

Make sure you put the date in your diary!

Village Fabrics, Wallingford- September 2017

9 craft club members visited Village Fabrics in Wallingford. The day started with a talk about Japanese quilts by the shop owner. Members then took part in a mini workshop to make a patchwork tree (see picture) using hand stitching. Finally members took advantage of a one-off discount to purchase any fabrics for future projects. It was a great day, not only to explore the shop but to learn about patchwork and have a go at doing our own.

Rememberance Wreath- September 2017

Our joint project of a Rememberance Wreath, made out of poppies, members had made from various mediums was finished with the assembly of the poppies onto the wreath base. With over 100 poppies all hand crafted by our members it has been a labour of love. We are all overjoyed with the results, as you can see it is a truly beautiful piece of craft.
It will now be displayed in St Mary's Church by the kind permission of vicar Nigel Hawkes.

Beaded flower- September 2017

After having a lovely summer break we held our September evening meeting to learn how to make a beaded flower. There were two options, a poppy or a pansy. Most members chose to do a poppy. It was a great evening with everyone making a good start to the project.

Artist Warm up- July 2017

We continued our fantastic programme of events with an evening doing Artist Warm Ups. A couple of members took it in turns to be our models while the rest of us sketched using various papers and charcoal, pencils, chalk and pastels. This was a fun filled evening with lots of laughs and discovering hidden talents of our members.

We have no meeting in August but start back in September with making beaded flowers.

Poppies for Remberance Wreath- June 2017

Our big project for the year is to make a Remberance Poppy Wreath to be used by the WI on Rememberance Sunday when the wreaths are laid at the Memorial. 
Craft club members have been making poppies in various mediums and our June session was to continue that process and assess to see how many more we will need to complete the project. As always members have been very productive so we don't need many more until we have enough to fill the base. More pictures to follow once the wreath has been finished.

Handsmocking- May 2017

For our May evening session we were taught how to hand smock by Carol. It was a fascinating evening not only learning the skill but also seeing the machinery involved and also the beautiful pieces which Carol has created herself. 
I can firmly say none of us will be taking it up as a new craft, but again we all enjoyed learning something new which we would not have tried off our own back. We all took away our booties to continue at home.

Rag Wreath making- March 2017

This month we had decided to learn the art of rag wreath making. Using simple metal frames we had prepared the over 300 strips of material beforehand and began to tie them on to the frame. We weren't able to finish them on the evening but will be showing our finished products at our next meet up.

Papercrafts- March 2017

At the end of last year we had decided that we would do set projects for each of our evening sessions, with members teaching their skills to the rest of the group.

Our first session was papercraft. We began a very enjoyable evening by learning how to make paper baskets. There were two designs, and many members are now wanting to use them to fill with Easter gifts. We then moved on to learning Iris Folding. Although it initially felt complicated everyone soon got the idea and some lovely cards were made. All agreed it was a very enjoyable evening with everyone doing the same projects.

We're looking forward to the next session.

Show the Love- February 2017

As part of the annual Show the Love campaign, to raise awareness of Climate Change in the UK, the Wheatley WI Craft Club made green heart badges for sale to members. Along with the badges a member also made the Krispie Hearts from the action pack. Money raised was donated to our charity of the year- Maggies Oxford.

Twiddlemuffs- January 2017

After seeing the National Federations appeal to make Twiddlemuffs for dementia patients, craft club and other Wheatley WI members set about making a variety of pieces.

A Twiddlemuff is a double thickness hand muff with bits and bobs attached inside and out. It is designed to provide a stimulation activity for restless hands of patients suffering from dementia.

We donated seven to a local nursing home in Wheatley, The Triangle Nursing Home. One member even made a couple for her grandchildren, who love to play with them while in the car, and also to cuddle while they nap in the car!

A History of Fashion in 100 objects, Bath- November 2016

We travelled by train to Bath and spent several hours absorbed in “A History of Fashion in 100 Objects” at the wonderful Fashion Museum.  We were lucky to have our own short guided tour of some of the highlights showcasing the history of fashion from the 1600s to the present day and we were informed that the Museum holds about 100,000 objects from that period, from which the 100 items were chosen, including one of Queen Victoria’s mourning dresses!  After lunch in the Assembly Rooms café, we slowly worked our way around the exhibition again admiring, for example, an intricately embroidered waistcoat in coloured silks and glittering metal thread worn by an aristocratic woman from the time of Shakespeare, fashionable Regency fashions from the time of Jane Austen and silk gowns from the House of Worth.  We took a break to “dress up” in some replica dresses, coats and bonnets which proved to be highly entertaining and informative as we struggled to pick up the very heavy items and squeeze ourselves into the tiny waists!  A great day out for us all.

Group Patchwork Tablecloth- May 2016

At our May meeting craft club presented Wheatley WI with the patchwork tablecloth they had been working on for the last couple of years in between our own projects. The tablecloth will take pride of place on the treasurers table at our monthly meetings​​.

The Oxford Bead Shop- March 2016

On 9th March we attended a workshop at Amy Surman's The Oxford Bead Shop in Cowley, Oxford. In just two hours we had all designed, made, fired and polished our own individual pieces of silver clay jewellery, seen in the pictures.

Whitchurch Silk Mill- April 2015

Our visit to Whitchurch Silk Mill in Hampshire in April was much enjoyed, with the opportunity to handle different types of silk, and see the traditional silk looms in action.